Ever since the dawn of time, wars were waged to gain total dominance over the other. It developed into nations conquering other nations and resulted in the loss of billions of lives, economies faltering and famine. Today, wars between nations still exist, militaries versus rebels, and there are pending wars to come. Dispute all over the globe still rises to lead to violence.

But haven’t we had enough of war, violence, and fights? Hate is spreading fast, just like wildfire. Why not spread peace? Let peace reign and make the world a better place. Spread the word and spread peace. This is only a word, but it brings the biggest impact, let them know that peace can resolve existing problems and problems to come.

Why would we resort to violence if there is the peace that we can use to address problems? There are billions of people in the world, and all of us can spread peace. It’s time to raise awareness for all people. We will not reap good things through wars; the only thing that will be reaped are souls of the broken and the innocent.

Let us spread the word for peace not only to adults but also to the future of the world, the children. Peace should be inculcated even though they are still small. They have to know that violence does not resolve anything; instead, it makes things worse.

Inculcate while it’s still early, our future depends on it — not only the future of the children but also the future of the world. Peace should reign over violence, let your voice be heard, enough violence.

It is essential for your voice to be heard, it’s now, or never, the future depends on you. Be brave and stand for peace. Fight for Peace!