Why do you think should peace prosper here in our world? Or is even peace even possible? Peace is possible, but it exists in small parts of society as of now. As we progress through time, the existence of peace grows smaller and smaller, and disputes grow rampant. We must value peace at all cost because this is the only thing that will save us from destruction.

Why is it essential to spread peace all over the world? Because as I’ve said it’s our last resort to a better future for our children and their children. Peace can mend bridges that were broken from the past. It can create opportunities for a better world.

It is crucial for you to voice out and spread peace because we are in a critical stage. It’s now or never, rather than not making any effort, get up and start your movement, and everything will follow. Because if not you then who will? Who will spearhead the change that all of us deserves?

You are doing the future generation and our world a favor by stating your purpose – this purpose of obtaining peace between races, cultures, and nations. Don’t be negative and start thinking positively, there are various ways of spreading peace, and you are one of them.

Let yourself be the model and symbol of peace. Let the word peace emanate from you because others will be feeding off from your vibe.

In this world full of dispute and war, it’s not wrong to inculcate peace even though small scale, be patient as all will come together to achieve our unified goal. Our goal of achieving peace is not just in a small part of the world but in all of its places.

Be the catalyst of change. Let us all unite and fight for peace.